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Situs Untuk Mempopulerkan Diri

Salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan traffic blog kita adalah dengan bergabung dengan situs jejaring sosial (social networking). Berikut ini adalah daftar situs yang bisa diikuti oleh para blogger dunia.

Social News Networks:
Digg berita,video, image berbasis komunitas.
Plime - news network where users can vote up and down.
NewsClowd - network to share popular news.
Mixx- Digg style application to share news, pictures, and videos.
Linkinn - old news sharing network.
EarthFrisk- news network (Digg style)
Zimbio - allow members to ping their blogs, submit stories, write articles, and share links.
Searchles - media blog to share news and viral stories.
Hugg- network to post news links (Digg style).
Kirtsy -interesting site to find and share information.
NewsVine - news site to share serious information and stories.
Jigg- Digg style social bookmarking site.
Propeller - extremely popular news site.
ShoutWire - network to rate pictures, news, and videos.
Linkspocket - simple news network.
Content Pop - site to find popular content pages.
TrailFire - well designed network to share news and bookmarks.
Folkd - allow to bookmark, save, and vote for links.
Uvouch - media site to share videos, photos, and blogs.
Danogo - newest social site to share news and opinion.
BarksBookmarks - site to find cool news.
Web-Feeds -StumbleUpon style news network.
VoteLists - well designed site to vote for web pages and news.
Ka-Boom-it!- Digg style network to bookmark news.
Ximmy - social site which offers money to users.
Invincibelle- social media site powered by RawSugar.
Faves - popular news sharing community.
Tagza - site to tag news.
Mister-Wong - site with more than 4 mil. visitors per month.
BibSonomy - old social network to share and tag news.
Jumptags - social site to share news, tags, pages, websites, and even contacts!

Social Bookmarking Networks:
Del.icio.us - one of the most popular social bookmarking network.
StumbleUpon- personalized recommendations to help the best site (bisa tahu juga member yang lagi online)
Furl- social bookmarking site. Owned by LookSmart.
Reddit - social bookmarking / social news site.
Simpy - old social site to share links.
Magnolia - allow people to submit bookmark and share it with different groups.
SpicyPage - network to tell about your own website.
IndianPad - popular Indian bookmarking site.
BlinkList - network which allow to bookmark pages from your toolbar.
Blogmarks - bookmarking site to save links and share with other users.
FeedMeLinks - place to bookmark links and find what others bookmark.
Fungow - another social bookmarking site to share links.
Linkatopia - site to save links.
Faves - network to post favorite links for specific topics.
Tagza - social bookmarking site to publish list.
Stumpedia - human powered search engine which allow to bookmark links as well.
Clipmarks - creative bookmarking site which allow to bookmark parts of specific page or website.
Netvouz - network to display latest bookmarks.
StartAid - network to find and save news and bookmarks.
GetBoo - tag your favorite pages.
Diigo - site to tag, bookmark, and share favorite places on the web.
OYAX - social bookmarking network.
SpotBack - site to find what other people bookmark.

Social Search Engines:
Stumpedia - human powered search engine.
Rollyo - search engine to find favorite things on the web.
Tall Street - search engine to rank results.

Social Shopping Networks:
ThisNext - social site where people can share shopping experience.
AgentB - network to find deals, sales, and cheap goods.
Deal Comet - social site to submit and find deal.
Zebo - product advising network.
Dealigg- Digg style social shopping network.
Kaboodle - create wish list and submit stuff you want to buy.
Wists - network to share shopping websites.
ShoppersBase - social media site to find goods.

RSS Feed readers and networks:
Technorati - social site to submit RSS Feeds, find popular posts, rate blogs.
Syndic8 - network to submit and discover RSS Feeds.
Blogs Collection- RSS Feed network for bloggers.
MyFeedz - site to search popular stories through RSS Feeds.
BumpZee - network to search interesting topics and subscribe for RSS Feeds.
Genwi - social site to create profile and submit RSS Feeds.
Today- news media network where bloggers can submit RSS Feeds.
Blogz - RSS Feed discovery and blog search engine.
2RSS - directory, Feed reader, and news site.
Plazoo - RSS Feed reader.
Weblogs - instant Feed reader and news provider.
RSS Feeds Directory - general directory of RSS Feeds.
Press Radar - discover the most popular news through RSS.
RSSMad - simple network to find news.

Miscelanious Networks:
FaceBook - student / friend network where you can share basically everything.
LinkedIn - professional network to find business partners, co-workers, industry news.
Squidoo - network to share knowledge and passion.
43 things - social networking site where users create accounts and then share lists of goals and hopes.
FriendSite - friend network with great social bookmarking section.
Naymz - network to find professional connections.

Social Sites for Bloggers:
MyBlogLog- network to connect bloggers. Owned by Yahoo.
Bloglines - network to search, share, and publish blogs.
BlogCatalog -the social blogger community.
Technorati - network to provide information about blogs, find popular posts, rank blogs.
Zimbio - media site to share last posts from blogs.
BlogsCollection - social site to find blog RSS Feeds.
Blogoria- newest social site to unite bloggers.
BlogCode- social site to rate your blog and find related blogs and bloggers.
Fuel My Blog- social site to find friends and communicate with other bloggers.
Blogsvine- network with Digg application for bloggers.
Wobblog- site for bloggers to vote for their favorite posts.
Blog Reporter- Digg style network for blogs.
BlogEngage - forums, news, and blog directory.

Blog Directories:
BlogExplosion-need more trffic to your blog?
BlogHub - large portal for bloggers with 35 000+ members.
BOTW blogs- one of the most popular paid directory for bloggers.
Blogarama - network was recently updated and now it offer to rate and vote for blogs.
EatOnWeb -probably the oldest directory for weblogs.
LsBlogs - provide blog directory and directory of blog resources.
AddUrlBlog -blog directory- add url.
BlogTagstic - site to submit and tag blogs.
Blogs By City - old directory for blogs.
The Blog Resource - paid directory for blogs.
Bloggeries- strong directory for bloggers.
BlogFlux- membership required to submit your blog.
BlogDirs - general blog web directory.
Blogoriffic- allow blogers to submit blog and RSS Feeds.
BlogBib - great designed blog directory.
Grokodile - blog directory which reminds DMOZ.
DirSpace Blogs - Blog category on popular web directory.
Blog Advance - network with forum and blog rating system.
Vital - blog and news search.
Bloggernity - blog portal and search network.
PodDop - fast growing blog directory.
Blog Search- regestration required to submit link.
BlogHop - popular network for blogs.
GetBlogs - general blog directory.
Blog Listings - web directory to list your blog.
Finding Blogs -create account before submitting.
Link Blogs - you have to email admin for submission.
2-Review - blog review network.
One Thousand Bloggers- Milliondollarhomepage copycat for bloggers.
TopWeblog - simple web directory.
5 Star Blogs - blog ranking directory.
Blog Intro Directory - build in blog directory.
BlogListing - tinggal isi title dan url blog lalu submit.
Blog Sweet - general blog directory.
Blogion - fast growing Web 2.0 directory.
Blog Announce - blog directory.
Blog Finds - categorized blog directory and search.
Postami - blog directory and RSS finder.
Surreal Blog - general directory to submit blog.
MVblogs - simple directory for blog submission.
Ajdee - category to submit blog.
Blog Folders - directory with simple design.
Chat to US - paid blog directory.
Creative Blogs- categorised directory for bloggers.
Nubbit - portal to find news and submit links.
Bigger Blogger - simple categorised directory.
BloggerHQ - blog directory with perfect design.
BloggingAbroad - regular blog directory.
Blogoozle - blogs organised by Google Pagerank.
Diarist - blog directory and blogger network.
BlogWidow- not a real directory. It is content submission network for bloggers.
Delightful Blogs - inredible interesting design.
B.Collection - interesting directory.
Blog-Directory - directory to get information about blogs.
MyBlog2U - blog directory and search.
The Million Blogs - pixel blog directory.
BlogZ Search- general portal for bloggers.
Blog Popular - receprocal directory for blogs.
Wutzle- network offers multiple services for bloggers.
BlogZ - regular / general blog directory.
High Class Blogs - directory to find cool blogs with updates every 24 hours.
Photarium - network to tag blogs.
BlogAdr - directory and news site.
Blog Drive - simple blog directory.
Blog Bunch - BETA blog directory.
BlogZoop - blog directory, forum, tools, and more.
BlogVille - “get a street for your blog”.
Instant Blog Directory - new directory.
Blog Directory - United Kingdom blog directory.
Optimum Blogs - general directory for blogs.
z-Blogs - directory for quality blogs.
1CoolFire - network with multiple submission options.
B4Blogs- simple directory for weblogs.
Alive Blog Directory - paid web directory.
Blog Collector - newest blog directory.
Super Blog Directory - they call themself “super”… just another blog index.
BlogHints - blog directory and search index.
Bloggapedia - directory and network to find interesting blogs.
Helios Blogs - newest blog bookmarking network.

Blog Search Engines:
Technorati - social network and search engine.
Sphere - one of the most popular blog search engine.
Bloglines - powerfull network and blog search.
Blog Search Engine - search engine and news provider.
Fybersearch - old network to search RSS Feeds and news.
FlexFinder - very old search engine with ability to search blogs.
IceRocket - 100% blog search engine.
Blogz - RSS Feed discovery and blog search engine.
BlogDigger - established search engine for blogs.

Niche Networks For Bloggers
I Blog Business - jaringan bisnis dan pemasaran.
Blogs: Small Business - directory bisnis (umum).

Human Capital Institute- situs pendidikan
BlogScholar - blog akademik

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